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Prof. Emma Baumgartner - Professore Ordinario
Telefono: 0649917925
Stanza: stanza 3, piano III
Ricevimento: Martedì dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 12:00
Breve curriculum scientifico:
Position: Full Professor, Head of the Department of Developmental and Social Psychology, Sapienza, Rome
Phone: (+39) 06 4991 7925
Fax: (+39) 06 4991 7652
Room: 303
Receiving: (write an e-mail)
Faculty: Medicine and Psychology, Sapienza, Rome

Research Interests
Socio-emotional competence development; socialization and emotion regulation/dysregulation : peer relationships in childhood; gender identity development; motherhood in adolescence; functional and dysfunctional mother-child relationships in infancy.
Recent Publications
Laghi F., Baiocco R., Lonigro A., Capacchione G., Baumgartner E. (2012). Family Functioning and Binge Drinking among Italian Adolescents. Journal of Health Psychology. IF= 1.68]

Baumgartner E., Laghi F. (2011). Affective Responses to Movie Posters: Differences between Adolescents and Young Adults. International Journal of Psychology, 47,2, 154-160. [IF 1.34]

Riccio G., Baumgartner E., Bohr Y., Kanter D., Laghi F. (in press). Dual vulnerability of being both a teen and an immigrant parent: illustration from an Italian context. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. [IF 1.50]

Laghi F., Liga F., Baumgartner E., Baiocco R. (in press). Identity and Conformism among Italian adolescents who binge eat and drink. Health, Risk and Society. [IF 2009= 1.10]

Riccio G., Baumgartner E., Devescovi A., Marconi M. (2010). Newborns at risk and migrant women, Pediatric Research, 1, 353-354 (IF 2.70)

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